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“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye”

— Rogu Kingston

Hi, my name is Danita Marais, and I am the owner of TruReflection Studio. I’m a wedding, corporate and lifestyle photographer, and very fortunate to have a career which I love.

I used to be a photographer’s nightmare, hiding from every photo opportunity at school. This relationship started after seeing the end result of photos usually taken by amateur photographers – in those days with film cameras. (For those of you younger than me and not familiar with film cameras: You had to wait weeks before seeing the end result, and by then it was too late to redo the photo session!)  I did not know anything about correct lighting, composition, passion, etc.  After school I studied Graphic Design and started to do work for a local photographer, assisting the company with the change from film to digital (which required computer and Photoshop editing skills). From there it was history. Although I never studied to be a photographer, I learned through  a lot of exposure to different types of photography set ups, which build a good foundation.

Starting my own business thirteen years ago was quite daunting, but I fell in love with the industry, made a lot of friends, captured many unique moments and have grown into a person who is really passionate about creating art.

I’m married to my best friend, Philip, and a mother to two kick ass kids. They are my strength and inspiration every day.

I believe that success is truly measured by the quality of your relationships.

I like to relax with family and friends, doing outdoor activities, reading a good book or watching a dance movie.

I love to travel and I’m totally in love with South Africa, a country with so many opportunities, climate variations and never-ending, beautiful spaces.

Documenting lives and relationships through photography is so rewarding – to be able to see and capture light, textures, emotions, memories! What a privilege to be filled with adrenaline and passion at the same time, being able to create a treasure which increases in value with time.

I love weddings! Every photo session is unique, because every couple is unique. My aim is to capture a true reflection of the beauty and passion which lies in every unity. I really get to meet some of the most amazing people.

Newborn babies are so precious and fragile. After the birth of my children, the way I did newborn photo sessions changed as I learned a few tricks and believe I can relate much better with new parents. Children grow up so quickly, and when, after a couple of years, I see a child that I photographed as a baby, I always think to myself:  “It feels like yesterday that you were so small, fitting into your parents’ hands!”

Underwater photo sessions gives me the best adrenaline rush. It’s quite addictive and scary because you never know what you’ll get, as every model and setup change and react differently to this medium. I love the tranquility when my head is under water, and the fluidity and movement of fabrics.  This is indeed a new world that I would love to explore even more.

Corporate and marketing photo sessions are focused to capture the best of a business or product. I believe that it boosts sales and creates a professional look and customer experience.


I strive to honour God by using all of the creativity, talents, and technical abilities He affords me to capture your story in the best way possible.

I look forward to the opportunity to capture your personality, beauty, and joy in a way that instantly connects people to you when they see one of your photographs.

You are very welcome to contact me at any time.  I will be happy to meet with you over a cup of coffee!


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